Premier League 2013 Previews

So, it’s August again.

That time of year when anything could happen.

Your latest signing might change it all, your brand new kit might bring better luck and the manager might just get it right for a change.

Might as well go and book the open-top bus and plan the parade route now, because there’ll be trophies in May, yeah?

Well, not to burst anyone’s bubble, but some teams just aren’t cut out for the top.

Over the next few days, we’ll analyse and assess the chances of all 20 Premier League teams to try and determine title challengers, relegation candidates, and everyone in between.

This will involve looking at key players, managers, and the state of each club entering the 2013/14 season.

The positions predicted have been established by averaging out points totals after the More Than A Game team predicted the result of every game in the coming season.

Later today, we’ll begin by releasing previews of the teams we envisage finishing between 20th and 15th, the teams we anticipate to be tussling for survival in the nether regions of the division.

So, if you find your team in this group make sure to enjoy August, as it’s likely all downhill from here.

This will be followed by 14th to 9th on Tuesday, 8th to 5th on Wednesday before the top 4 are finally revealed on Thursday.

Make sure to keep an eye out for your team, and happy reading!


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